Chemistry: new programmes and parameters
07 mar, 2019
Par: aglae

24C-HBCDD in natural waters and HBCDD, HBB in waste waters

4F-Methanol in waste waters

55A-Glyphosate, AMPA and Aminotriazole in waste waters

59A-Perfluorinated coumpounds in waste waters

65E-Parabens in clean waters


Parabens in clean waters
07 mar, 2019
Par: aglae

The analysis of parabens is provided in clean waters: methylparaben, ethylparaben and propylparaben are included. More information about this parabens PT or contact us 

EQA bacterial antigens in urine
10 déc, 2018
Par: aglae

In 2019, in the frame of this EQA, the detection of bacterial antigens in urine will be pointing Legionella antigens for two assessments and pneumococci antigens for one of them.

Find all the information about this EQA - bacterial antigens

PTS mould in clean waters
20 nov, 2018
Par: aglae

 AGLAE provides you with the assessment of your analytical performance for the analysis of mould in clean waters

 Find out more about this mould PTS


2019 scheme
19 nov, 2018
Par: admin

You may register at any time to participate in the 2019 scheme.  There are new proficiency testings to help you improve your analytical performance   Contact us to participate