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AGLAE Association

A.G.L.A.E. stands for "Association Générale des Laboratoires d’Analyses et d'Essais" which means General Association of Analytical and Testing Laboratories. This is a non-profit-association.

AGLAE is accredited by the French Accreditation body Cofrac for the provision of proficiency testing (No. 1-1664). Scope available on www.cofrac.fr


Préparation des matériaux d'essais            Echantillons préparés pour plus de 100 participants

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Key facts

  • Around 1400 laboratories where test samples are distributed, with 30% international
  • Around 270 tests per year
  • More than 10000 parcels sent per year


AGLAE's assets


Acknowledgement of AGLAEExpertiseSupport to laboratories

Time savingTailored servicesCommercial offers



AcknowledgementAcknowledgement of the Association

  • COFRAC (French accreditation body) accreditation for its provision of interlaboratory comparisons (ILC)
  • Partnerships (ANSES, Aquaref)
  • 1400 members among which 30% internationals (covers around 60 countries)
  • Around 200 laboratories participating in the tests in the fields of water microbiology and basic physico-chemical analyses
  • Development support (transfer of technology to Cuba)

Expertise AGLAEExpertise

  • Member of Commissions: ISO (TC/147-SC4), French standardisation Committee, COFRAC and technical assessor for the  COFRAC (ISO 17025)

⇒ Participation in ISO and French standards development


  • Groups  of experts in the field of the environment or medical biology that support AGLAE to provide proficiency tests adapted to laboratories' needs and to interpret laboratories results
  • Skills, level of qualification and experience of the Association's employees, particularly in the technical and statistical fields

⇒ Proficiency tests:
-    On samples close to those analysed in routine to validate the analytical chain
-    Adapted test design: duplicate samples and repeated measurements to assess laboratory reproducibility and repeatability

Supporting laboratoriesSupporting laboratories in their quality assurance approach 

  • With a complete service offer:

-   Diversity of matrices and large list of parameters
-   Additional test samples to evaluate technicians, test new methods
-   Supply of Quality Control Materials for the analysis of sludge, sediment and soil
-    Training sessions in water microbiology in order to implement a quantitative Internal Quality Control, evaluate the uncertainty of measurement, characterise a method

  • With quick returns, source of improvement:

-    Quick review two days after the deadline to report the results in order to implement, if necessary, corrective actions
-    Complete report within about 3 weeks including:
       The study of the influence of analytical methods, equiment and consommables
       Estimation of your uncertainties in water microbiology
       Check of your uncertainty estimates in chemistry (zeta-score)
       The evaluation of trueness and measurements repeatability
⇒ These elements provide suggestions to identify the origin of possible anomalies

Time savingTime saving for laboratories

-    Easy, annual registration as a subscription
-    Online schedule of events with a system for monitoring the report of results and reminders in the event of non-entry
-    Personalized report: direct access to each laboratory performance
-    Personalized member area of the web site with information storage
-    Pre-filled online results forms
-    Results file as an Excel sheet so that laboratories can easily update their control charts
-    Possible results' summaries per period

Tailored servicesServices tailored to members' needs

-    Satisfaction surveys and collection of needs to best meet members' expectations
-    Tests based on French / European approvals, the Water Framework Directive and laboratory accreditation
-    Development of tests during the year to meet new expectations
-    Customized service offers
-    Members-focused investments


Commercial offersCommercial offersEvolution of the prices

-    Commercial policy with price stability
-    Discounts based on invoiced test volumes
-    Possible splitting of the payment according to the amount of the service offer
-    More favourable payment terms than EU legislation