Frequently Asked Questions




I wish to participate in a proficiency test. What shall I do?

If you have never participated in AGLAE's tests (no member identification), complete a registration file

If you have already participated in AGLAE's tests (member identification), at the beginning of the year you may register via your member area or contact us during the year to add tests.

I wish to participate in a proficiency test. When should I register?

You may register at any time during the year, as long as tests are available. Note that it is necessary to have registered about three weeks before test samples are sent (instructions are sent prior to the sample distribution and the list of participants is then closed).

For a first registration, fill in the registration form.



When are the tests samples sent?

You will find the month test samples are sent on each file describing the tests (section "Proficiency Testing", PTS "Environment" or EQA "Medical biology").

Once registered, a personnalised and precise schedule is sent to you.

Should you need a precise schedule before registration, just contact us.

Note that AGLAE reduces the number of tests during July and August but cannot avoid bank holidays of all the participating countries.

Can I choose the number of distributions I wish for a programme?

Our system matches the needs of international labs.

So should your lab wish one round out of several distributions, it is possible to choose the distribution you need through the registration file.

Note that regular checks of your analytical performance are necessary.

I cannot find the instructions to analyse the test samples. What can I do?

About two weeks prior to the samples' distribution, you receive by email the instructions to analyse the test samples and can check the on-line results form. 

If you loose them, download them from your member area, section "Your proficiency tests".

You will also find there the link to your results form, then your code assigned for the test, your test review and finally your test report.

I did not report the correct result in my results form. What can I do?

Test results are reported via your Member Area.

  • If the test is not closed: you can cancel the validation of your results form and modify your results. Remember to validate again your results form.  Make sure that the correct version is registered and validated.

  • If the test is closed: you cannot modify your results at this stage of the test.

How to access the Member area?

From the top right hand corner, participants can access their "Member area". They enter their Login (membership) and password (provided by AGLAE).

There are 3 access levels:

  • 1st level: access limited to data entry of test results
  • 2nd level: access limited to data entry and validation of test results
  • 3rd level: TOTAL access (data entry, validation, download of test documents)

What does the Member area contain?

This area is dedicated to AGLAE's participants and it contains:

  • all the test documents (instructions, results forms first empty then completed, reviews, reports)
  • guide to interpreting results in chemistry and microbiology
  • catalogues for environment and medical biology
  • list of Quality Control Materials, list of additional test samples
  • a system to create summaries of results for the period of lab's choice

But also: a forum gathering participants and dealing with any topics in chemistry, microbiology and medical biology.