Interlaboratory comparisons for many chemical and biological parameters: bisphenol A, phthalates, legionella by culture or PCR, etc.


Several programmes of External Quality Control: cytobacteriology, stool and blood bacteriology, bacterial endotoxins, etc.

Quality control materials

Carry out the monitoring of your analytical performance for your analyses in sludge, sediment and soil with our quality control materials.


 AGLAE provides you with the assessment of your analytical performance for the analysis of mould in...
You may register at any time to participate in the 2019 scheme New proficiency...

In short ...

1000 participants

More than 1000 laboratories trust AGLAE, with 20% international

Your performance and even more

Assessment of your analytical performance (z-score), your precision (through repeated measurements) but also check of your uncertainties of measurement (zeta-score), estimate of your own uncertainties (microbiology), influence of culture media, differences between methods... 

200 tests

More than 200 tests are provided per scheme and new parameters are added every year to meet your needs