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You are an industry from the metallurgical, chemical, oil, nuclear, textile, pharmaceutical sectors, or a service provider working in these fields. You monitor discharges into the air, water, soil, sludge coming from your wastewater treatment plant, your waste or the water in your cooling circuits. 
AGLAE provides you with interlaboratory comparisons of physico-chemical and microbiological parameters in wastewater, sludge, waste and soil.

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The analyses performed by your laboratory of the industrial field

  • In order to prevent any environmental contamination (rivers, groundwater, soil, etc.), industrial companies must, depending on their activity, comply with requirements in terms of resources and/or results, as their discharges can have a significant impact on the environment and public health.
  • Chemical substances (macropollutants and micropollutants) are analysed in wastewater from classified installations for the protection of the environment. It should be noted that industry is responsible for a large proportion of organic pollutants discharges and almost all discharges of heavy metals.
  • Some substances, because of their complexity of analysis, deserve special attention: alkylphenols and their ethoxylated forms, free cyanides, PFAS (in particular in the textile industry), brominated flame retardants (BDEs). 
  • The trace element content of the sludge is measured with a view to its possible application to land.
  • Waste is characterised before it is landfilled or stored.

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Your expectations in terms of Quality Control


When it comes to controlling and reducing pollutant discharges into water, two major European regulations are essential:

This Directive is transposed in each European country and requires that installations classified for environmental protection research hazardous substances in their effluents, with the aim of reducing or halting discharges and emissions of many substances. 

  • The Directive No. 2010/75/EU, known as the "IED Directive" on industrial emissions (preventing and controlling industrial emissions).


As part of regulatory surveillance or self-monitoring, you ensure the validity of your results and monitor your performance by comparing it with the results of other laboratories.

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Which proficiency tests could be of interest to you?


Your laboratory is likely to be interested in these proficiency tests:

By taking part in these intercomparisons, you receive an estimate of your analytical performance, enabling you to improve the quality of your measurements on your discharges.

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