Water microbiology


Water analysis providers and water producers enumerate micro-organisms on samples prepared by AGLAE. These analyses correspond to the monitoring of water intended for human consumption, surface water, sea water, swimming pool water and waste water.
⇒ AGLAE provides 13 programmes in this category of proficiency tests "Water microbiology". 
AGLAE estimates the analytical performance of participants, enabling them to improve the quality of their measurements on water.


Why take part in "Microbiology in waters" proficiency tests?


They are carried out as part of self-inspection or regulatory controls. These proficiency tests cover some of the requirements:

  • approvals to carry out microbiological analyses for drinking waters, fresh bathing waters, saline bathing waters and waste waters  (check AGLAE's accreditation - Cofrac No. 1-1664)
  • approvals of Ministries of Health

Mineral water for proficiency testing matrix

What types of water does AGLAE provide in these proficiency tests?

  • water intended for human consumption (tap water, spring water, non-typical natural mineral water) 
  • water for whirlpool baths, jet showers, standard treatments and bacteriologically controlled water
  • hot sanitary water and process water
  • swimming pool water
  • waste water entering or leaving urban treatment plants
  • sea water


What analyses do the laboratories carry out on these waters?


Depending on the type of water, laborattories count in particular : 

  • germs indicative of faecal contamination (Escherichia coli and enterococci)
  • spores of anaerobic sulphite-reducing bacteria (French decree)
  • Legionella
  • yeasts and moulds
  • Bacteriophages


Added value of AGLAE "Microbiology in water" proficiency tests

  • AGLAE uses strains found in routine samples and varies the strains and their concentration levels from one test to another.
  • Depending on the methods used to analyse the parameters, differences in results are observed. AGLAE studies these and presents them in the test reports. These observations help laboratories to better interpret their test results.
  • AGLAE has published several studies based on test observations, notably on legionella analysis, coliform analysis on CCA, and microbiology precision scales.
  • AGLAE proficiency tests enable laboratories to assess their performance, to estimate the repeatability and reproducibility of their measurements, and also to provide them with an estimate of their measurement uncertainties for certain parameters.
  • AGLAE provides customised reports to laboratories, enabling them to focus on possible improvements to their analyses.


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