Environmental consultancy


You are an environmental consultant, a private or public hydrology laboratory or a laboratory of a regional office.
Your laboratory carries out in situ measurements, performs water sampling or determines biological indexes. 
AGLAE provides you with inter-laboratory comparisons for in situ physico-chemical measurements, sampling of different types of water and the determination of macro-invertebrate indexes and diatom biological indexes.


The framework for sampling and analysis by your consultancy

  • Monitoring the biological quality of watercourses is part of the monitoring of water bodies.
  • As part of this process, laboratories take samples and determine the fauna (benthic invertebrates) and flora (diatoms and macrophytes) in watercourses.
  • The results of these samplings and analyses are transcribed in the form of quality indicators that help to assess the ecological status of the water.

Substrat hydrobiologie

Your expectations in terms of Quality Control


As part of your accreditation to ISO 17025 and/or approval, your environmental consultancy must meet the requirements of:

  • accreditation guides for water sampling, on-site physico-chemical testing of water and biological analysis of aquatic environments
  • approvals issued by Ministries of Health to carry out sampling operations 
  • approvals issued by Ministries for the Environment to carry out analyses of aquatic environments under the Environment Code
  • the Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/60/EC), which sets targets for preserving aquatic ecosystems.

You must ensure the validity of your results and monitor your performance by comparing it with the results of other laboratories.


EIL Hydrobiologie - prélèvements

Which proficiency tests could be of interest to you?


Your laboratory is likely to be interested in the following categories of proficiency tests:

By taking part in these intercomparisons, your environmental consultancy receives an estimate of its analytical performance, enabling it to improve the quality of its measurements.

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