Interlaboratory comparisons for many chemical and biological parameters: bisphenol A and S, parabens, phthalates, legionella by culture or PCR, etc.



Several programmes of External Quality Control: cytobacteriology, stool and blood bacteriology, bacterial endotoxins, etc.



Carry out the monitoring of your analytical performance for your analyses in sludge, sediment and soil with our quality control materials.

1400 participants

About 1400 laboratories trust AGLAE, with 30% international

Your performance and even more

Assessment of your analytical performance (z-score), your precision (through repeated measurements) but also check of your uncertainties of measurement (zeta-score), estimate of your own uncertainties (microbiology), influence of culture media, differences between methods... 

270 tests

About 270 tests are provided per scheme and new parameters are added every year to meet your needs

We need the ring test from AGLAE for our recognition in France. Besides, it is a very important check for our Quality.

Dorothee Stovermann

Quality Department, AL-West B.V. (Netherlands)

AGLAE’s tests are very important for our French as well as German accreditations. AGLAE provides many parameters not offered in German PTS and single parameters are offered more often per year. The feedback of the results is very fast.

Kerstin Nitschko

Quality Management Representative, Agrolab (Germany)

Large number of participants, quick processing of the results and review and a good price.

Jeroen Boekenoogen

Quality Manager, WLN (Netherlands)

articipating in round-robin tests in Germany and in France, I am very satisfied with AGLAE’s on-line results’ submission, short delays to receive detailed personalized reports and Excel summaries including my lab’s performance during the year. The statistical processing performed by AGLAE helps me in my daily life at the laboratory to compare the various analytical techniques.
Besides, AGLAE really pays attention to participants’ needs and is open to technical discussions.

Alfred Ewen

Head of department "drinking water laboratory”, MVV Netze GmbH, Mannheim (Germany)

We have been working with AGLAE since 2012. The PT program is one of the most complete you could find, besides, I would like to remark the excellent personal attention they give us.

Núria Bodi Majó

Badalona’s Laboratory Quality Manager, Tecnoambiente (Spain)

Your proficiency test is very well organized, fast delivery of the samples and fast reporting of the results. The report is very detailed with all needed information. The offered parameter sets are well thought through. I am very happy with your service.

Alexander Winckelmann

Deputy laboratory manager, BEGA TEC GmbH (Germany)