The 2024 is launched. Contact us to participate Note that the 2023 scheme is also going on until December and that you may register at any time during the year. Just pay attention to the registration deadline…

AGLAE conducts every year an interlaboratory comparison on cosmetic product: "challenge test". During this accredited challenge test, laboratories perform preservation efficacy tests. Two new tests are provided…

Essai mycobactéries
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria in waters for medical use: methodological comparison test that will enable participants to estimate the reliability of their analytical protocol (programme 86A). Find the description…

Proficiency test EDTA
Assessment of laboratories' performance for the analysis of 'Chelating agents in fresh waters' (programme 5E - including EDTA). Find its description on the page 'Organic pollutants in clean waters'

Analyse boue sédiment sol
 AGLAE provides with your performance assessment for the analysis of: - 46 'VOCs in solid matrices', this test is conducted in soil in 2024 - 47 'Grain size distribution in solid matrices' (sediment and soil…