Bituminous waste
In the frame of regulation, it may be requested to check the harmlessness of asphalt mixes for any roadwork. In addition to asbestos, PAHs (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons) investigation is carried out. In this…

Bacteriophages - PTS
 AGLAE provides a new proficiency test to assess your analytical performances for the analysis of bacteriophages in waters: enumeration of Somatic coliphages and F-specific RNA bacteriophages (programme 130)…

The 2022 scheme is still going on. Note that you may register at any time during the year. Just pay attention to the registration deadline for the tests. Registrations for the 2023 scheme are also possible from…

Essai mycobactéries
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria in waters for medical use: methodological comparison test that will enable participants to estimate the reliability of their analytical protocol (programme 86A). Check the flyer …

Proficiency test EDTA
Assess ment of laboratories' performance for the analysis of 'EDTA in fresh waters (programme 5E). Check the flyer EDTA PT. On-going test. Results to follow.