Cosmetics laboratory


You are a cosmetics industry laboratory or a cosmetics product analysis service provider.
AGLAE provides several interlaboratory comparisons on microbiological tests on cosmetic products such as creams and lotions.

Analyse lotion

The analyses of your cosmetics laboratory


Your laboratory carries out various microbiological, chemical and physico-chemical analyses on a wide range of cosmetic products, i.e. skin products (creams, make-up, suncare products, etc.), hygiene products (soaps, dental products, deodorants), hair products (cleaning, maintenance, dyes) and perfumes and varnishes.

Among the analyses, your laboratory :

  • checks for the absence of allergens or other undesirable substances (parabens, silicones, etc.)
  • checks for residues and pollutants
  • carries out physico-chemical tests and microbiological analyses
  • assesses the interaction of cosmetic products with their packaging
  • studies the stability of products in order to establish a use-by date
  • conducts dermatological and clinical tests

Lotions savons crèmes cosmétiques

Your expectations in terms of Quality Control


Manufacturers must ensure the conformity of their cosmetic products, i.e. guarantee that they comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and present no danger to health. 
In this context, it is important that the cosmetics industry and cosmetics analysis providers inter-calibrate to ensure the comparability of their measurement results.

Preparation essai cosmétiques

Which proficiency tests could be of interest to you?


Your laboratory is likely to be interested in these proficiency tests:

By taking part in these interlaboratory comparisons, cosmetics companies and microbiological analyses service providers will be able to assess the quality of their analyses within the industry and identify areas for improvement.

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