Bacteraemia - Microscopic examination in blood - Wet mount and Gram stain

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EQA medical biology

Description of the programme

These interlaboratory comparisons (AGLAE's programme ‘117A’) address any laboratory carrying out microbiological analyses (medical biology laboratories, hospital laboratories, testing laboratories...).

Characteristics of these EQA:

  • Blood containing a strain for microscopic examination (wet mount and Gram stain)
  • Possibility to self‐evaluate several technicians using the results file (provision of a sheet dedicated to your performance calculation).
  • On-line data entry

List of parameters

Détail des paramètres mis en oeuvre

Qualitative assessment of the morphology, cell arrangement, mobility, result of the Gram stain (Gram positive / negative) and of the orientation of the bacterial type.

Find the microscopic examination in a neutral solution - Wet mount and Gram stain