Chemical analyses in fresh waters at low concentration levels

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Description of the programme

This interlaboratory comparison (AGLAE's programme ‘1Ab’) in clear freshwaters, public drinking waters, spring waters and non-atypical natural mineral waters is provided in the frame of:

  • accreditation scopes related to physico-chemical analyses in waters (check AGLAE's accreditation Cofrac No. 1-1664)
  • approvals issued by Departments of environment or Ministries of Health

This proficiency testing is identical to the test 'Chemical analyses in fresh waters' but at lower concentration levels to meet specific requirements.

List of parameters

Détail des paramètres mis en oeuvre

pH, conductivity at 25°C, REDOX potential, degree of hardness, total alkalinity,
NH4+, NO2-, NO3-, Na+, Ca2+, K+, Cl-, SO42-, PO43-, SiO32-, KMnO4 index,
turbidity, total organic carbon (TOC), Mg2+, F-, colour by comparison with hexachloroplatinate (without filtration), colour using (NF EN) ISO 7887 method B (without filtration)

‘Environment approval’: this is an additional proficiency test identical to the tests of programme 1A but at low concentration levels to meet the requirements of the French Order of 27/10/11 completed by the order of the 08/11/15 for the relevant parameters (as long as it is possible to maintain the quality of the test). Target concentration ranges available on request.