In situ measurements- sampling in different types of water - automatic sampler

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Description of the programme

These interlaboratory comparisons (programmes AGLAE 100D - 101D - 102D) are provided in the frame of:

  • accreditation scopes related to sampling of water and in situ analyses for physico-chemical parameters (check AGLAE's accreditation - Cofrac No. 1-1664)
  • approvals issued by Departments of environment or Ministries of Health

List of parameters

Détail des paramètres mis en oeuvre

In situ measurements:

    In several types of water: bathing water, river water, swimming pool water, drinking water
    Parameters* : pH, conductivity at 25°C, dissolved oxygen, percentage of oxygen saturation, turbidity, temperature. Other parameters may be provided.

Sampling of surface water:

    Analyses by a third party: microbiological* parameters (intestinal enterococci, E. coli, …) and chemical* (suspended matters, nitrates, organic carbon, total phosphorus, calcium, …)

900 € excl. VAT - price for the report of one series of results
20M100D.1 – La Souterraine (Creuse) - March 2020


Sampling using automatic sampler in a treatment plant (programme 101D)

Sampling of water from a treatment plant (inlet/outlet) using an automatic sampler and measurements of parameters both d’intérêt in situ and in the laboratory

700 € excl. VAT - price for the report of one series of results
20M101D.1 – La Souterraine (Creuse) - March 2020


Sampling using automatic sampler in a treatment plant (programme 102D)

Several levels of flow on an open channel and/or pipe

300 € excl. VAT - price for the report of one series of results
20M102D.1 – La Souterraine (Creuse) - March 2020